Mr. Wang Tao

Mr. WANG Tao (王濤), aged 43, has over 20 years’ experience in accounting and finance. He was appointed as director of Guizhou Yongfu Mining Co., Limited (an indirect 70% owned subsidiary of the Company) in March 2017, as director of Guizhou Puxin Energy Co., Ltd. (“Guizhou Puxin”, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company) in July 2016, as financial controller of Guizhou Puxin in October 2014 and as manager of finance department of Guizhou Puxin in April 2010. Save as disclosed above, Mr. Wang does not hold any other position with the Company or any member of the Group. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Wang worked as cost manager of Hucais Group Co., Limited (虎彩集團有限公司) from August 2003 to April 2010. During this period, he was primarily responsible for formulating and implementing policies and strategies relating to finance and accounting and establishing performance system. He served as head of finance department of Liaoning Branch of Shanghai Fulinmen Food Co. Ltd. (上海福臨門食品有限公司遼寧分公司) from January 2002 to May 2003. During this period, he was in charge of the overall management of finance department of Liaoning Branch, including formulation of cash plans, examination and approval of financial income and expenditure and assessment of effectiveness of marketing efforts. He was cost accountant of Rome Ceramic Co., Ltd. (羅馬瓷磚有限公司) from August 1999 to December 2001. During this period, he was responsible for verification, analysis and review of production cost. Mr. Wang graduated from Beijing Forestry University (北京林業大學) with a bachelor’s degree in economics in June 1999. He obtained the qualifications of accountant from the PRC Ministry of Finance (中華人民共和國財政部) in September 2003. Mr. Wang has not held any directorship in any publicly-listed companies in the three years preceding the date hereof.